Sharon Deal

Sharon Deal

I have 27 years experience as an entrepreneur developing successful businesses, brands and teams. Here I learned about business, people, motivation and leadership development.


An unexpected twist in my life journey gave me an introduction into coaching - where there was transformation and shift in my own life. This motivated me to study and qualify as a practitioner and coach.


I now follow my heart on a daily basis as a coach, mentor and inspirational speaker. I am determined to focus on understanding the unique makeup of the people that I coach and train.


My commitment is to explore every opportunity to facilitate positive and lasting change in the arena the client selects.


"People are my passion and seeing them walk in their destiny is my fulfilment" - Sharon Deal




  • 25 years in business
    It is here I gained my experience in business and people.
  • Married for 29 years, 2 children ages 30 and 26, granddaughter of 12.
    This journey has been the journey of life; a real space of overcoming.


Certificate in Coaching

Diploma in Coaching

Relationship Coaching

Tall Trees Facilitator

SDI Facilitator


Profile Certification Training - "The Leadership Circle"

Conversational Intelligence

Transactional Analysis, continued learning toward certification



Working with Sharon from Who Am I Foundation has been life changing to say the least. I have been able to sift between the lies and truth that existed in my mind for so long and that controlled every relationship and circumstance in my life. - Karin Theunissen



My journey with the Who Am I (WAI) Foundation has been liberating and powerful. With a practical and intuitive approach, Sharon moves way beyond teaching and understanding of behaviour, or merely working with outcomes and symptoms of experiences. These insights allowed for longstanding negative behaviour and beliefs to be transcended and also brought an immense amount of self-appreciation and acknowledgement into my life. I highly recommend WAI - I am living proof of its empowering outcomes. - Thania Olivier



Where do I start? I believe the week of EQ training was most definitely eternally life-changing. I started out thinking I had high EQ but quickly figured out how much I actually still had to learn. If you want to become the uncomplicated, beautiful person God created and intended you to be, you should consider starting with an EQ Course. It's life-changing. - Willene Freddy

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