Who am I works from an "inside-out" approach. Working this way connects us to the core of who we are, working with pure desires and needs. This shifts us from being interpreters of our reality to being creators of our reality. Suddenly life stops seeming so scary as we realise there is nothing we need to do or get to be happy. Any changes to be made in our lives become obvious and while not always easy, are remarkably straightforward and the next steps are crystal clear. Nothing has changed, yet everything is different.


This journey of self is intented to bring a new quality of connectedness and authenticity to all relationships. Discovering who we are at the core of our being and being ok with that.


Building on this is much awareness and management not only of the outward behaviour but getting to grips with understanding why we do what we do. Getting to the heart of the issue, the desire of our heart. Disciplining outward actions without addressing the beliefs, wounds, needs and unmet desires that drive them is like sticking our fingers in a fan to stop the blades from turning. It would be much less painful to pull the plug!


Outward behaviour (the turning fan blades) is driven by the heart (the motor). Part of transforming the heart is understanding the heart's desire for things like love, approval, security and understand how those desires shape our actions. When we disarm the powerful urges behind our unhealthy behaviour, we find that outward change happens almost automatically. I call this heart alignment that allows discipline and management to really work, resulting in transformation. So getting to know oneself, understanding why we do what we do is important.


"People are my passion and seeing them walk in their destiny my fulfilment."

~ Sharon Deal



Leadership Development

Personality Profiling

Group and Team Facilitation

Coaching is about helping people on the road to seld-discovery where they take the responsibility for their lives and maximise their own potential. We believe that coaching is about discovery, awareness and choice.
If we can lead ourselves, we can lead others. We cannot expect change in others until we ourselves walk the talk in integrity with our own values and principles. Leading is about understanding and implementing leadership principles personally before expecting the same from the people we lead.
Everyone benefits from knowing his or her personality type - it enables authenticity and ensure that we become more effective and efficient as individuals. In work groups, teams begin working better together within weeks. Some of our facilitators are certified to use various tools for personality profiling.

Facilitation is nothing more that holding the space, the process and the outcome with accountability. This we follow through with excellence and clarity.


We facilitate the following:

  • Vision and strategy sessions
  • Group sessions
  • Training in specific outcomes


We tailor the facilitation process to meet your desired outcome.

Training and Workshops

We have several workshops for you to choose from. We can also design customised workshops based on material (e.g. a book) that you request. Our workshops are divided into six categories. Each of the courses available are listed below. Contact us for more information.









  • Boundaries
  • Beyond Boundaries
  • Integrity
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Lies we Believe
  • Love Languages
  • The Gift of Imperfection
  • I am Enough
  • Power of Vulnerability and Connection
  • Daring Greatly
  • Rising Strong
  • Boundaries for Leaders
  • Leadership from the Inside
  • Integrity
  • Stress Management
  • Difficult Conversations
  • Time to Think
  • Mapping your Journey
  • Calling Journey
  • Emotionally Healthy Spiritually
  • The Emotionally Healthy Woman/Man
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